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When dealing with the financial and legal aspects of selling a home, it might be easy to forget to cancel the cable – and all the other utilities that keep your home running smoothly. To protect your interests, I’m writing to remind you to notify all the relevant utility companies that you’re moving and would like to cancel all accounts as of the closing date. As well, don’t forget to notify all the utility companies serving your soon-to-be new residence that you’re moving in and would like to set up new accounts there.

Informing service providers about cancellations sooner rather than later may allow the company time to send out a representative to read your meters, resulting in accurate final readings of your utility usage. The alternative is estimates that could leave you paying for some of the new owner’s usage. Similarly, service providers may require a few weeks notice to hook up new services, so if you’re moving to a new residence, contact them early to avoid any gaps in service when you take possession.

To find links to contact information for utility providers in your area, please click here.

I hope this information ensures you don’t get stuck paying for anyone else’s heat, lights or channel surfing! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office by e-mail: mark@grahamlaw.ca or phone: 519-824-7100.

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Mark F. Graham

Mark F. Graham
Barrister, Solicitor, Public Notary
Mark Graham Law Office Professional Corporation

P.S. As well, don’t forget to cancel the insurance for your soon-to-be former property. However, make sure the property is insured up to and including the closing date, even if you plan on vacating early.