Hi there,

It’s only a matter of days before the sale of your property is complete. Now that the countdown has begun, it’s time to take care of any outstanding details and to prepare for the meeting at my office.

What to bring when you come to see me
You need to bring the following items to your appointment:         

  • Two pieces of identification (ID) per person (Please click here for a detailed list of acceptable ID. Please note: We cannot accept your OHIP card.).
  • Most recent property tax statement or bill from the municipality (if not already provided to us).
  • Document showing the number of your mortgage account and/or line of credit account.
  • One key to the main entrance of the property, or in the case of condominiums, a key for the building entrance and your front door (All other keys, including mail box, back door, etc., should be left on your kitchen counter.).
  • A survey of the property being sold (if you have one).
  • Receipts documenting any work recently done on the property (This is only necessary if the Agreement of Purchase of and Sale required renovations or repairs to be completed before closing. Examples: furnace servicing, electrical inspections, plumbing repairs, etc.).
  • Proof of oil or propane tank filling, which should be done prior to closing (Bring your receipt and you’ll be reimbursed for this expense.).
  • Any other item or document required by the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

Condominium owners
If you have not already provided the following information to us, please also bring:

  • Documentation showing the exact amount of your condominium fees and any special assessments or extra charges over and above your normal fees (e.g., for repair of roof, elevator or parking garage, etc.).

Reminder to sellers of all types of properties
Finally, I’d also like to remind you, in case you have not already done so, to:

  • Ensure that all of your utilities will be disconnected at your soon-to-be former property (A list of handy links was sent to you in a previous e-mail.).
  • Notify friends, service-providers and the government of your new address. (A change of address checklist was sent to you in a previous e-mail.).

I hope this e-mail has equipped you with everything you need to make closing day go as smoothly as possible! Please contact us if you have any last-minute questions or concerns, by e-mail: mark@grahamlaw.ca or by phone: 519-824-7100.

Kind regards,

Mark F. Graham

Mark F. Graham
Barrister, Solicitor, Public Notary
Mark Graham Law Office Professional Corporation