Title Insurance - Protecting You!

Title insurance protects you, the buyer, against:
* defects that would have been revealed by an up-to-date survey
* survey errors or illegibility of survey
* encroachments (before or after closing)
* work order deficiencies
* zoning problems
* unmarketability of title
* defects in the title
* invalidity or unenforceability of the mortgage on title
* liens against the title
* easements (other than usual easements for utilities, etc.)
* contravention of subdivision, development and other agreements
* priority of certain construction liens
* priority of unregistered easements and rights of way
* fraud or forgery (prior to and after closing)
* solicitor error, omission or fraud
* unpaid property taxes or local improvement charges owed by a prior owner.

Like all insurance products, title insurance will not protect you from defects of which you were aware prior to closing (such as those disclosed by a home inspector or the seller) or to which you may have agreed in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. As well, all policies are subject to exclusions and exceptions, such as, but not necessarily limited to environmental matters and native land claims.