Why Have a Will?

A will controls who receives your property after you pass away. It can include not only family but friends, charities and other organizations.

If you do not have a will then the court will dispose of the deceased's assets, according to the current provincial laws. Common situations that may occur when there is no will are:

  • Your spouse outlives you and you either have no children, or all of your children are from your current spouse. Your spouse then gets your entire estate.
  • If your spouse outlives you and you have children who are not from your current spouse then your estate is divided between these children and your spouse, with the majority of the estate going to your spouse.
  • If your spouse passes away before you then your estate goes to your children.
  • If you do not have any surviving spouse/children then your estate is divided among your blood relatives (e.g. mother, father, brothers and sisters)

Please follow the link below for more information on wills and estates.

Wills and Estates