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Introducing our law firm

Mark Graham Law Office,

exclusively practising in

Real Estate & Mortgage Law

Introducing Mark Graham Law Office

 Over the years my team and I have helped thousands of individuals and families buy, sell and refinance their homes . We've also helped with condominiums and commercial building and cottages. From beef farms to beet farms, with lots of vacant acreage in between,  we bring an extensive and wide depth and breadth of real estate experience to assist you with your real estate matter. 


 We have two convenient locations. One in beautiful downtown Guelph and the other in the heart of historic Waterdown.  


We know that life can be very busy and that the time when you are buying or selling your home is even more so. With convenient office locations and flexible and virtual meeting times, we aim to make the real estate experience convenient for you wherever you are.

Our Practice Areas


Purchasing Real Estate

Buying a home is the single largest financial transaction of our lives. You want Mark Graham's years of experience and seasoned skills at your side as you complete your transaction.


Selling Real Estate

From questions like "can we take our lawn mower?" to "what time do we absolutely have to leave?", let me and my team smoothly guide you though the sale of your property. 


 Mortgage Lending

We work with mortgage brokers across Ontario to assist individuals and couples register private mortgage loans secured by real estate, often through their self directed R.R.S.P or T.F.S.A.



Wills & Estates

No one likes to contemplate their own demise but you always sleep a little more soundly knowing that you have made arrangements for your loved ones.  

The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to make things better

Robert Francis Kennedy

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