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Thank you for visiting the Mark Graham Law Office website.

I am passionate about real estate. My entire practice of law is dedicated exclusively to the law of real property. 

When I was fifteen I started working on the grill at our local McDonalds. I worked all the way through university in just about every service industry job you could imagine. After completing university I worked for several years in the private sector in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in government as a political assistant to a member of the Cabinet for the Province of Ontario. Prior to attending law school I was the executive assistant/chief of staff for a City of Toronto municipal councillor. My diverse job history has provided me with a broad perspective of the world in which we live. I believe my life and work history gives me a better insight to my clients legal matters and challenges.

I grew up in eastern Ontario. I came to this part of Ontario to attend the University of Guelph where I completed an Honours Bachelor of Science with a focus in molecular biology and genetics. I have a law degree (Juris Doctorate or J.D.) from the University of Western Ontario. Despite my eastern Ontario roots, after university I never really left the west side of the province . I am father to one spectacular boy and two amazing girls

You might have already noticed all of the Bobby Kennedy photos and quotes scattered around this web site. I consider Robert Francis Kennedy to be an inspirational hero. My mother gave me the same middle name

 ("Francis") as 'Bobby'.  She says that I could have chosen any profession but I think it must have be serendipitous that I settled on the law. 

My practice of law is on the civil side and generally far removed from the public interest or criminal law practiced by Bobby Kennedy. I keep a framed photo of him in my office to remind me that the practice of law is about more than just pecuniary interests and to inspire me to attempt to make the world a better place through every interaction throughout my workday. 

My partner Morgan dragged me to yoga a little while ago. In the beginning I didn't go to the classes willingly(she had to drag me to the studio).   I have found that going to yoga has improved both my fitness and my approach to the world. Each of us has the ability to make the world just a little bit better by our simple interactions. The yoga philosophy melded nicely with the inspiration message of my hero Bobby Kennedy, or maybe Bobby was a secret yogi buddhist and all of the historians just missed it?  

Image by Patrick Hendry

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